Our Philosophy

The American Partners Philosophy

After examining the financial advisory industry, it became evident there was a gap in coverage for specific types of people. While standard advisors who charge 1% of assets under management can provide support to clients, they usually come with account minimums. Sometimes the minimums required are larger than small business owners or property investors have available in cash or investable assets. On the flip side, mainstream, generally free, personal finance software provides expense tracking and asset overviews to those clients who have simple financial lives. Once you throw in a small business or a rental property, accounts start blending together and it becomes difficult to understand each piece of the big picture. This is where the gap in coverage exists, those clients who have complex financial pictures but don’t have loads of cash and or liquid investable assets to for a traditional financial advisor to manage. Liquidity is easy to tie up in a real estate project or as funds for getting a business up and running.

This is where American Partners comes in. We offer the tools clients need to take charge and plan their financial lives. We empower our clients to be able to track their cashflow, separating rental properties or small businesses, but still able to see the big picture of everything together. In addition, clients have the ability to plan for future goals and track their progress towards them. Finally, we offer financial models to look at different clients inputted scenarios to help make decisions. American Partners provides the tools clients need to enable a self-service financial tracking environment.

American Partners provides all this for a low monthly fee.  While we focus on those clients that want to separate rental properties or a small business from their personal financial picture, while still seeing the big picture, anyone with a decent grasp of their finances can use the tools that we provide to further their progress towards their goals.

What the service does and how you get value from it

American Partners supports a Do It Yourself (DIY) client. We provide the tools and support necessary to empower clients to manage their own financial picture. Like other mainstream personal finance software, we allow for cashflow management with the ability to sync accounts for automatic updates. However, what sets us apart is the ability to track personal and business/rental property revenues and expenses separately while still seeing the big overall picture. We have the ability to aggregate all accounts to track your net worth over time.

Additionally, we allow you to set your own goals including specifics on how you plan to achieve them. You will also have the ability to track your progress towards them based on the updated information provided by your linked accounts. Some of the goals we envision our clients using are saving for the down payment for the next rental property, as well as planning for education expenses, retirement or other life event.