Frequently Asked Questions

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You choose a subscription. Each tier of access provides different levels of functionality and customer support. Once you purchase a subscription you will receive an onboarding email with your access information.

You will then enter in your accounts across all of your entities via an onboarding process. Once you have finished entering your account information you can view your consolidated assets and work through goal planning.

24 hours, because your access needs to be provisioned and configured based on your choice of subscription

Experience using online or electronic financial planning, expense tracking, accounting, or tax preparation software is very helpful. These include, for example: Mint, Turbotax, Quickbooks, Xero,  Freshbooks, and so on.

Long term commitment to periodically checking in to see how your plan and wealth is evolving so that you can make strategic decisions.

The major difference between our subscription options is the level of support that you are entitled to, so please consider your level of patience and technical skill as you make your selection

The Premium and Deluxe subscription options come with added email support, so please bear this in mind when selecting your service level if you anticipate needing support.

The email response time for Deluxe support is two business days and the email response time for Premium support is one business day.

The Basic version does not have email support. All levels have tool tips and help animations within the service to guide you through.

You can cancel your subscription online at any time and billing will stop on the next cycle. You will continue to have access until the end of your current billing period. You generally will be eligible for a refund of up to one billing period if you did not use the service during that billing period.

You can request a full refund of up to one billing cycle for your subscription if you did not use the service during that billing period. If you find that the service was not a good fit for you during the first billing period you can also request a refund of your subscription for that  billing period.

Please do provide constructive feedback with your request so we can improve the service for others.

We provide access to tools that allow you to better execute on building your wealth.

Our focus is on giving you access to information and frameworks so that you can better plan and execute on your plan.

There are broadly two sets of criteria:


If you are invested in real estate or one or more private businesses then you would likely get the most out of a subscription to the service versus using a traditional online account consolidation tool.

If your assets are solely in securities type accounts (401k, 403b, IRAs, brokerage account, savings or checking account) then you may still benefit from the goal planning features and ability to include accounts for children and other dependents, but would not benefit from the ability to consolidate your investments across real estate, private businesses, and traditional securities accounts.

This service is fundamentally self service, so it might be a fit for you if you value the ability to gain more clarity in your assets as well as the ability to plan for major life expenses or transformational life events for yourself and/or your family and are will to make the effort.